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07 BR 60 R1 Decentral I/O Coupler for up to 512 I/O via triax cable connection


07 BR 60 R1 Decentral I/O Coupler for up to 512 I/O via triax cable connection..ABB Procontic ABB High Voltage Electric Motor CPU PARTS Programmable PLC Communicate MODULES Robots DCS.

1.07 BR 60 R1 we sell is 100% New Original Factory packing in good condition and have been tested before they are shipped. We will try our best to avoid any quality problems.  

2.We will offer the technical support by experienced staff, which have undergone rigorous testing and certification!

3.We offer 12 month warranty after receiving parcels. If there are some workmanship or material defects with the products, please contact us firstly, we will exchange it or offer other solutions for you to make a choice.

4.If you order more than one item, please contact us, we can offer further discounts for you. And if you find other suppliers offer cheaper prices for the same product, we are also willing to provide you with reference to their price,even further discounts.

07 BR 60 R1

Model Type: GJV3074375R1

Decentral I/O Coupler

ABBBrown Boveri (BBC)

Additional Information
for up to 512 I/O via triax cable connection

Estimated Shipping Size
  Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 10"
  (15 cm x 8 cm x 25 cm)
  Weight: 1 lbs 15 oz (0.91kg )
07 BR 60 R1

DSBC173N 3BNP000468R1 Repeater Module
DSBC174 3BSE012211R1 Bus Extender Module - S100 I/O Bus
DSDI 110 57160001-A Digital Input Module
DSDI 110A 57160001-AAA  Digital Input Module
DSDI 110N 3BSE018525R1 Digital Input Module
DSDI 120 57160001-E Digital Output Module
DSDI115 57160001-NV Digital Input Module
DSDI120AV1 3BSE018296R1 Digital Input Module
DSDO 115 57160001-NF Digital Output Module
DSDO 120 57160001-AK Digital Output Module
DSDO 131 57160001-KX Digital Output Board Relay
1785-L40BE Allen Bradley AB 1785L40BE
1785-L40EF Allen Bradley AB 1785L40EF
1785-L60BE Allen Bradley AB 1785L60BE
ControlLogix Battery Module
ControlLogix Config Flowmeter Module
Conformal Coated 1756-CFM
Conformal Coated 1756-CN2
Conformal Coated 1756-CN2R
ControlLogix Communication Module
Conformal Coated 1756-CNB
ControlLogix Communication Module
Conformal Coated 1756-CNBR
Logix Family RS232 Programmer Cable
ControlLogix Redundant Supply Cable
ControlLogix DH485 Communication Module
Conformal Coated 1756-DH485
Conformal Coated 1756-DHRIO

TC516 RS485 3BSE012632R1 Twisted Pair Modem

TC570 3BSE001458RI Master Fieldbus Connection Module

TC801 3BSE008562R1 D-SUB 9 Connector Split for AC70

TK405 3BSE003775R25 Power Cord Set

TK455 3BSE003780R1 Cable Assembly 

TK526V050 3BSC950022R5 ABB Cable

TK624V030 3BSC950138R1 ABB Cable

TK802V001 AC70 3BSC950112R1 Cable

AI511 Analog Input Module

AI512 1SVP426436R0000 Analog Input Expansion Module

AX511 1SVP426455R0000 Expansion Module

DC501-CS31 S500 1SVP426327R0000 Bus Module

DI511 S500 16DI Expansion Module

DO511 1SVP426451R0000 Digital Output Expansion Module

DSTX180 3BUR980025R1 Connection Unit for DSDX180
DSTX-W110 57160001-AAP Digital Input Board
DSXS001 57170001-A FAHM 200 Simulator Module
1785-L80C15F Allen Bradley AB 1785L80C15F
1756L73XT Allen Bradley AB 1756-L73XT
1756-L85E Allen Bradley AB 1756L85E
1756-L73SXT Allen Bradley AB 1756L73SXT
1756-L84E Allen Bradley AB 1756L84E
1756L74 Allen Bradley AB 1756-L74
1756L72S Allen Bradley AB 1756-L72S
1756-IA8D | Allen Bradley AB 1756-IA8D
Replacement Battery For 1756-BATM

Anterior: DSQC 210 YB560103AM Safety Module

Próximo: DCP 02 DCP02 CPU Module

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